Bodies of Work

Flat Pennies & Other Tales

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While in everyone’s life there are landmark events that are documented by a camera, (birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc), I am intrigued by the unexpected moments, just as memorable, that are not captured by a camera. These undocumented moments can turn into vivid memories that can be triggered by all the senses. They are more fluid then memories associated with photographs because there is nothing anchoring them. As such they are manipulated and edited by our imagination. The more we retell or relive these memories the more they resemble fables, but if they are not triggered frequently enough you run the risk of these memories fading away over time. In response to the fluidity of memory in Flat Pennies & Other Tales I create a document of undocumented moments. I capture a physical snap shot of how those moments are remembered today.

Analog Autumn

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Analogue Autumn is a visual symphony of works that dissect and foster the disintegration of the photographic print.

Cut From The Same Cloth

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If discarded, a family photograph is separated from its meaning, leaving the image open to any interpretation. In Cut From The Same Cloth these found family photographs are reanimated and recontextualized. Redefining their purpose.